2 Recipes – Strawberry + Mango Cookie Icing

Easter is quickly approaching. Which means, if you’re like us, you’re probably making Easter cookies with your family. We wanted to try something other than the traditional store-bought icing, so we thought, why not make an icing out of our freeze-dried fruit? We made both a strawberry icing and a mango and the results are delicious! You can try this recipe with any type of Freeze-dried fruit. Just make sure to finely ground down your fruit. You can do this with a food processor or even a rolling pin. Make sure to tag us on instagram if you try this recipe! 

Makes 8 oz

TOTAL TIME: 5 minutes




  1. Use a rolling pin or food processor until Crunchies have reached a fine powder.  
  2. Add Crunchies, milk and lemon juice to a bowl. Mix until well combined.  
  3. Add tiny amounts of water until you’ve reached your desired consistency.  
  4. Use icing to top cookies or your favorite baked goods.