If you are a fan of pineapple soft serve ice cream (including a certain soft serve that is popular at some amusement parks), then you will absolutely love this Skinny Pineapple Whip recipe. The best part is that it’s only three ingredients and can be made in less than 5 minutes. Delicious, healthy, and quick to make? Does it honestly get better than that? We think not.  

Make sure you stock up on Crunchies Freeze Dried Pineapple, we have a feeling this recipe will be a family favorite this summer.

Skinny Pineapple Whip

2 Servings

TOTAL TIME: 10 minutes


  • 2 Cups of Vanilla Frozen Yogurt 
  • ¼ Cup of Crunchies Freeze Dried Pineapple 
  • 1/8 Cup of Pineapple Juice 
  • Whipped Cream (optional)


  1. Break up Crunchies Freeze Dried Pineapple until developed into a powder 
  2. Add frozen yogurt, Crunchies Pineapple and pineapple juice to a blender.  
  3. Mix until well combined.  
  4. Add whipped cream and enjoy!