You’re going to want to hop straight to your kitchen to make this adorable – and tasty – Mixed Fruit Easter Bunny Cake recipe. Your family and friends will love the bunny shape of this cake, making this the perfect Easter dessert recipe.  

To make this recipe you need to prepare your cake mix and pour it into two round shaped pans. Bake in the oven until cooked through and then allow to cool. Once cool, place one round cake to the side. Using a small knife, cut two convex-shaped ears from each side of the second cake. After cutting the ears, the middle should resemble a bowtie. Place the bowtie under the first-round cake and ears on top to form a bunny shape. Using your favorite frosting, frost the cake and top with Crunchies Mixed Fruit. Bon Appetit!  


1 Cake

TOTAL TIME: 30 minutes


  • Vanilla Cake Mix 
  • Vanilla Frosting 
  • Crunchies Freeze Dried Mixed Fruit 


  1. Combine cake mix ingredients and mix until well blended.  
  2. Half the cake mix into two greased round pans.  
  3. Bake the cake mix and allow to cool.  
  4. Using a small knife, cut two convex-shaped ears from each side of one of the cakes. This should give you two ear shapes and the remaining middle of the cake should resemble a bowtie.  
  5. Place your remaining uncut cake in the middle of your serving dish, place the bowtie underneath the round cake and the ears on top of the cake – forming a bunny shape.  
  6. Frost your cake and top with Crunchies Freeze Dried Mixed Fruit.