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Gluten Free Roasted Veggies Party Mix Recipe

Can you believe that until a few days ago I had never in my life made a batch of Chex Mix? Even after the new Chex cereals came out making it possible to make it a gluten free recipe, I just had never done it.


I had tasted the iconic party mix in my life. In fact I used to love it. My mother never made it however, and we never had it at home. It just is not the kind of recipe she would make especially when entertaining. She was a pretty proper British woman and a Gourmet Magazine subscriber so I guess Chex Mix just wasn’t something she would ever consider serving to guests and we didn’t really snack when I was growing up – we had breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner and that was that. This may just be one of the reasons that I am now a serial snacker (no pun intended).

When the folks at Crunchies asked me to come up with a simple snack recipe using their freeze dried roasted vegetables, I thought it was high time for me to create a gluten free party mix! I looked up the original recipe and as much as I recall liking it, I felt something a little more sophisticated would be in order. Instead of garlic powder I used fresh garlic, finely grated and I added even more flavor with fresh rosemary, grated lemon zest and parmesan. I ditched the pretzels, nuts, candies and what-not that people seem to love to throw into the mix and kept it fairly simple, I wanted the mix to compliment and highlight the delicious freeze dried Roasted Veggiesthat Crunchies makes – they are so good!

I expected to like this recipe and I even expected for all the other adults to like it – after all what’s not to like about garlic, rosemary, lemon, parmesan cheese, carrots, peas, tomatoes, corn and red bell peppers. What I didn’t expect was for the kids to like it, and they didn’t – they LOVED IT! And how great is it to see your kiddos munching down handfuls of veggies?

This is not your mama’s snack mix – assuming your mama actually made snack mix.