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Gluten Free Asian Glazed Salmon with Edamame Rice Recipes

I see no reason that a weeknight dinner needs to be “ordinary”. I do however see a whole lot of reasons why a weeknight dinner needs to be quick and easy.


After a long day of school, work, and the bazillion other things we do in a normal weekday, do we really want to sit down to something “ordinary”?

My husband likes to tell everyone he talks to that in the 253 years we have been married (my guess is that he is so happily married it seems longer than it really is – at least that’s the story I am sticking to) I have yet to make the same dinner twice.

I don’t want to burst his bubble or ruin the cool, creative rep he has created for me but we all know that could not possibly be true!

The illusion of “something different every night” is created by switching things up, taking everyday ingredients and combining them in different ways.

Take this dinner for instance, it is basically fish, rice and salad. Perfect dinner fare for a quick midweek meal. There is nothing wrong with fish, rice and salad; it is healthy, nutritious and quick. It can also be a little bit boring.

This dinner however is anything but boring. Spiked with Asian flavors, it turns dinner from ordinary to special!

For the salmon I make a quick marinade out of rice wine, gluten free soy sauce and few other pantry staples. It takes literally 12 minutes start to finish and will make you appear like a cooking rock star to those who eat it. Plain old brown rice gets a makeover with some seasoning and a little secret weapon; a packet of Grilled Edamame from Crunchies– seasoned, freeze dried soybeans and wild rice. It is meant to be a snack but it adds great flavor and texture to simple brown rice. Our salad is really cucumbers and shredded carrots (buy them that way and save even more time) quickly pickled in a spicy rice wine vinegar mixture.

The whole meal is easy, elegant and ready in half an hour! Start the rice first, then make the quick pickles and finally do the salmon – the whole dinner will come together as if by magic.

See? No reason what so ever for weeknight dinners to be ordinary!