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Freeze Dried Organic Little Apples & Bananas

All natural, organic, freeze dried Apples & Bananas, Perfect for Little Kids!

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Crunchies proudly introduces our new Organic Little Crunchies Line. We’ve taken our delicious and organic fruits and created little pieces for little mouths. Organic Little Crunchies are all natural and Organic. The only thing taken out through the freeze drying process is water; there are absolutely no additives or preservatives. That means no added sugars, oils or sulfur. Crunchies are Non-GMO, Wheat and Gluten-free, but rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Less water means more flavors and a satisfying crunch that children love! All this, and only 35 Calories per serving. Organic Little Crunchies come in a convenient re-sealable bag that is great for taking to school, an afternoon snack, or a playdate. You can also add them to pancakes, cereal, yogurt, ice cream, and so many other creations. Crunchies are truly Nature's Ultimate Snack Food.