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These snacks are perfect for anyone who normally doesn’t like raw vegetables—they taste just like candy! Plus, they are healthy and the resealable grab-n-go bag makes for great snacking at any time. Continue Reading
If you like freeze dried products, you will love these Crunchies products. If you've never had them, I highly suggest them. Continue Reading
I don’t know about you, but I am constantly depressed by the lack of flavor in some of the fruit. I’ve completely quit buying peaches lately, because they are all so depressingly devoid of taste. But not the Crunchies! Continue Reading
The fine folks over at Crunchies Food Company were kind enough to send me a few samples of their freeze dried fruits and veggies. I am no stranger to freeze dried foods, but these ones were really, really crispy and, well, CRUNCHY! Other brands I have t Continue Reading
I attended Supplyside Exhibition a few years back and one of the companies had freeze dried fruit on exhibit. If you purchase ready to eat breakfast cereals like Special K Red Berries, the strawberries are freeze dried. Continue Reading
Crunchies snacks are freeze dried fruits and vegetables that are free of additives and preservatives, with no added salt, sugar or oil. What you get is crunchy and tasty snacks to satisfy the sweet or savory craving. Continue Reading
When you are on the go, reach for Crunchies BBQ Roasted Veggies. These freeze-dried vegetable snacks are a mix of corn, peas, carrots, tomatoes and red bell peppers with natural barbecue seasoning. Continue Reading
You’re never too old for snack time! But if your routine has gotten a bit boring, it may be time to introduce some new fare to the mix. These nibbles are not only satisfying, but are free of artificial ingredients. Snack on! Continue Reading
Your Fourth of July barbecue just got a whole lot healthier: Instead of having your guests nosh on potato chips, serve up bowls of Crunchies‘ new freeze-dried barbecue veggies and buttered sweet corn. - See more at: Continue Reading
It’s been over a year that my husband and I have been to a movie.. The last movie we saw was in Tampa, before we headed to Texas. I don’t remember what movie it was either.. but what I do remember is the snack we enjoyed during the movie. Continue Reading
Now that the warmer weather is upon us, it’s time to snack healthier. While that is often easier said than done, we have a secret that not only tastes great but is a healthy alternative to calorie induced potato chips. Continue Reading
While I know I should be eating more fruits and veggies each day, I don’t always enjoy prepping them, packing them up in single serve bags or containers, and tucking them in the fridge, often forgetting I put them there; waste often results Continue Reading
Lunch was light and dinner consisted of a salad with lean chicken breast on top. Sound familiar? Don’t despair, just find something to hit the somewhat empty spot in your belly, without blowing your healthy eating for the week. Continue Reading
When you're snacking on produce, your fruits and veggies are pretty much perfect without any added salts or sugars Continue Reading
Proper nutrition is a challenge these days. With families that are constantly on the go, eating right is not always front and center. So when you know about a product that is healthy, tasty and nutritious you have to stock up on it. Continue Reading
By Jessica Boscarini People have a lot of different types of cravings. Whether it’s sugary, salty, chewy, or crunchy, we all have our “go-to” snacks that we crave throughout the week Continue Reading
These super-crunchy bites taste like real corn kernels, with a touch of sea salt Continue Reading
Crunchies is a line of freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, I did not get to try the freeze dried roasted veggies because my terrible dachshunds stole them!! Continue Reading
Company Enjoying Dramatically Increased Facebook & Twitter Activity Continue Reading
Crunchies Adds Kid-Fave Fruit to Grab-n-Go Fruit Line & Expands Veggies to Include Five New Freeze-dried Favorites Continue Reading
New Kid-Friendly Little Crunchies Line Debuts With Classic Warner Bros. Characters Continue Reading
Participants and fans alike will be crunching at these March-November 2013 Events, where Crunchies is a sponsor: Continue Reading