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Crunchies’ Best-selling Grab-n-Go Line Expansion Brings SKUS to 27

Westlake Village, CA, March 7, 2014 — Been waiting to hear exciting health food product news through the grapevine? If so, Crunchies® – the leading producer of all-natural freeze-dried vegetable and fruit snacks in the country – has a tasty announcement: the addition this winter of all-natural Grapes to its popular Grab-n-Go fruit line.

Delectable red grapes, long a favorite of young and old alike, are now easily packed into even the fullest backpack, whether for school, play, sports or a hike. But that’s not all: you have to taste Grapes to believe how flavorful freeze-dried fruit can be! Plus, they retain the fruit’s shape!

Sugar Snap Peas, Buttered Power Veggies and Herbed Spiced Power Veggies will also make their debut soon, joining Buttered Sweet Corn and BBQ Roasted Veggies, which were introduced to Crunchies’ Grab-n-Go family in 2013. Both Power Veggies feature flavorful blends of corn, edamame, peas and carrots seasoned with natural spices, flavorings and sea salt. With such a palette-pleasing variety sure to match every taste, consumers can now crunch all their favorite vegetables in single snacks every bit as healthy and convenient as they are delicious.

Grab-n-Go bags range from 1 oz. to 3.25 ozs. with an MSRP of $5.29-5.69. Select Crunchies’ varieties are also available in single-serve Munch Paks with an MSRP of $1.29–1.79. Fruit Munch Packs are .33 ounces, while the new veggie pouches range from .5-.75 ounces.

Like all Crunchies’ products, Grapes are made through a unique freeze-drying process in which individually frozen grapes are placed in a refrigerated vacuum chamber that removes up to 97 percent of the moisture. This special process gives Crunchies their namesake crunchy texture and allows them to retain a high percentage of the nutritious enzymes that are invariably lost through traditional heat drying.

Veggie Crunchies are not only incredibly wholesome, but are also rich in fiber, protein and isoflavones. Each delicious flavor contains relatively little fat while providing a nutritional burst of energy that’s available anywhere, anytime, thanks to Crunchies’ convenient re-sealable pouches.

“Consumer and media response to Crunchies Grapes has been nothing short of fantastic. Our product innovators worked diligently to retain the fruit’s shape as well as provide that burst of concentrated delicious red grape flavor. We are eager to unveil the tasty new veggie additions to our best-selling Grab-n-Go lines as well,” says Jim Lacey, president and CEO of Crunchies Food Company. “We’re in the midst of our company’s greatest period of growth to date in terms of new product launches, expanded distribution, new strategic alliances and widespread event sponsorships, and these product expansions of our best-selling Grab-n-Go lines are an integral facet of Crunchies 2014 growth plans.”


About Crunchies Food Company, LLC

Founded in 2006, Crunchies Food Company’s leading line of all-natural, delicious, nutritious and convenient freeze-dried fruits and vegetables is redefining healthy snacking for the 21st century. With an unmistakably satisfying crunch of delicious concentrated all-natural flavor, Crunchies are free of unhealthy additives, chemicals, preservatives or unhealthy ingredients, plus they’re gluten-free, Certified Kosher, wheat free and naturally low-fat.

Branded as “Nature’s Ultimate Snack Food,” Crunchies are available nationwide at leading retailers including Sprouts, Wegmans, Walmart, Rite Aid, and Ralphs. For more information or to order online, visit or call 888-997-1866, or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.


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