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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions showcases many commonly asked questions and answers that our visitors and customers might have. Please check below to see if your question has been asked and answered - and if not - please contact us so we can answer any questions you may have.

Crunchies Questions

General Questions

Customer Support

Crunchies Questions

Q.What are Crunchies?

  •   Crunchies are freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. There is nothing added to these products – no added sugar, sulphur, fat or preservatives.
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Q.How are Crunchies made?

  •   Crunchies are created by placing frozen fruits or vegetables in a refrigerated vacuum chamber which removes up to 97% of the moisture. What’s left is a product that retains virtually all of its nutrients and enzymes (unlike heat-drying), while maintaining its shape, intensifying its flavor and making it crispy & crunchy.
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Q.Are they wheat & gluten free? Are they considered a raw food?

  • These products are wheat and gluten free. And while all of fruits are considered raw, all frozen vegetables are flash-blanched within a few hours after picking. This stops the deterioration of the enzymes and nutrients (and it preserves color) so they are not considered raw. Unless fruits and vegetables are eaten shortly after picking, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are typically more nutritious than fresh produce.

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Q.How do most people use Crunchies?

  • Most people eat them as a snack–like popcorn (kids love them!).Crunchies are a great way to get your daily recommended allowance of fruits and veggies. The Veggies can also be added to salads, baked potatoes, soups, breads/muffins, omelettes, ground turkey and pastas. Fruit Crunchies can be added to your favorite pancakes/waffles, muffins, cookies, scones, cereals, compotes, yogurt and ice cream.

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Q.Why eat Crunchies?

  •   Most people love the purity, flavor and texture of the products. And those with special dietary requirements (low fat or low sodium especially), health conscious consumers or gourmets appreciate the convenience and taste. Kids love the texture and flavor and they are a great way to get your 3 to 5 recommended servings a day of fruits and veggies.
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Q.Are they Organic? Kosher? Genetically modified?

  •   Crunchies Food Company carries a comprehensive line of 100% organic items and we are always searching for and adding more organic items to our product line. All our items are Kosher certified. And all of our products are certified Non-GMO (not genetically modified).
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Q.Why choose Crunchies?

  •   1) Quality
    We carry only the best quality products. We work intimately with the farmers that supply us with our products and have ongoing relationships with these farmers.

    2) Innovation
    We are a progressive company and most of our products are custom made for us. We LOVE to eat and we’re experimenting with new products all the time, always trying to create something unique and tasty.

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General Questions

Q.How do I change my Password?

Q.How do you protect my information?

  • We keep your information safe and secure by using High-grade AES 256-bit encryption. We do this to protect any sensitive information you share with us  against evesdropping.

    For example, we will initiate and/or maintain an encrypted connection when any of the following occur:

    1. When Logging In (entering Usernames/Passwords)
    2. When Ordering (entering Credit Card Information)
    3. When Updating any sensitive information.
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Q.How do I access my Wishlist

  • To access your wishlist:

    1. Login to your account.
    2. Click My Wishlist

    To add an item to your wishlist:

    1. Click "Add to Wishlist" on the Product Page you want to add to your wishlist.
    2. You will be taken to your updated wishlist showing past and newly added items.
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Q.How do I access my past order history?

Q.How do I update my billing information?

Q.How do I update my billing address?

  • To update your billing address or add a new address:

    1. Login to your account.
    2. Select "Edit" under "Billing Accounts"
    3. Make changes and once complete, click save.
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Q.How do I update my credit card information?

Q.How do I recover my lost password?

Q.How do I login and access my account?

Customer Support

Q.How do I get an estimate of shipping charges?

  • To get an estimate on the shipping charges for your order:

    1. Add all items you would like to purchase to your cart.
    2. Click View Cart
    3. Select the destination Country
    4. Select the destination Zip Code
    5. Click Get Shipping Estimate to request a quote for shipping on the items in your cart.
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Q.How can I keep up to date on new Products & Promotions?

Q.Why was my order declined?

  • In most cases, orders are declined due to a mismatch of address, zip code, or security code. The information you provide must be correct and must match the information your credit card company has on file.

    If you have checked your information and it appears correct, please contact us to so we can help troubleshoot the problem, and if you'd like, you can also place your order with us over the phone.

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