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About Us

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About Us

Corporate Background

Crunchies Food Company, LLC was established in response to the rapid and overwhelming demand for good-tasting and truly healthy natural snacks on the market.  The company sought to develop a line of pure foods that would blend the tasty fun of potato chips,but still be completely free of the preservatives, added sugars, trans fats and excessive sodium that are so prevalent among many snack food products.

The result was an innovative breakthrough in blending great taste with important nutrition.  Crunchies® - freeze-dried fruits and vegetables have proven hugely appealing to everyone from school children to seniors and from health-conscious parents to busy executives.

Available today in a wide variety of deliciously nutritious flavors, Crunchies® are produced by placing individually frozen fruits and veggies in a refrigerated vacuum chamber that removes up to 97% of the moisture.  This assures consumers of a uniquely crunchy treat that retains virtually all of its nutrients and enzymes - unlike conventional heat drying methods - while still maintaining its shape and intensifying its flavor.

Already favorably covered in some 40 national magazines and hundreds of regional newspapers, Crunchies Food company, LLC is poised to continue growing over the years without losing its core emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality ingredients, superior packaging and supporting worthy environmental causes.

You can't improve on nature, but you can freshly package what nature has given us and make it readily accessible to people wherever they may be.  We're heartened to see how enthusiastically our products have been embraced around the country and look forward to staying true to our mission of creating great-tasting, innovative, healthy snacks for many years to come.

We're Customers Too!

The Crunchies crew is constantly experimenting with new ingredients and ways to make our foods more interesting and taste better. We were the first company to develop and market fire-roasted freeze-dried products and the first to carry freeze-dried Edamame (green soybeans). And we were also the first company to come out with a comprehensive organic freeze-dried line (with more on the way).  We like to create innovative foods because we like to eat, just like everybody else.

And like everyone else we are consumers, so we know what we like to look for in a product. When we were designing our packaging we wanted to make sure that it was not only practical and aesthetically pleasing, but also of the best quality, made up of four layers, to protect our fruits and vegetables.  Also, all of our products are certified to be made from non-genetically modified ingredients (non-GMO's).

We choose our suppliers very carefully, because as every good chef will tell you, good food starts from the source. So we like to get to know the growers and try to source our foods locally. You won't find any additives, chemicals, preservatives or unhealthy ingredients in any of our foods. That is a guarantee, because we only sell what we ourselves like to eat—and we're pretty picky!

So...What Are Crunchies?

  • Crunchies are a healthy, convenient preservative-free snack food. Fruits can be eaten as a snack, or put in hot or cold cereal, yogurt, or pancake and waffle batter. Veggies can be eaten as a snack or sprinkled over your salads for added vitamins and nutrients!

  • Fresh fruits and veggies are harvested and frozen within 24 hours, and then through a refrigerated, cooling process, are freeze dried at the packing facilities.
  • 97% of the moisture is removed, while maintaining 94% of the nutrient and enzyme level of the whole fruit. Only about 44% of the water is removed from dried fruit, and the heat process destroys the nutrients and enzymes.
  • Crunchies have a 24 month shelf life + re-sealable bags (which is very important, as air will re-hydrate and soften the fruit)